Reptile Scales & Tails

This program is available year-round. For centuries, reptiles have intrigued and horrified people often due to simple misunderstanding. We will attempt to reverse these misunderstandings by bringing live reptile ambassadors to your location. The Reptile Scales & Tails program is 45-50 minutes long and features 5-6 live animals including a large tortoise, lizards and of course snakes. Participants will be asked to interact with the animals through question & answer, audience participation and “hands-on” volunteering. Everyone will have the opportunity to find out if snakes are really slimy!


From left to right: Boa Constrictor, European Legless Lizard, Giant African Bullfrog, Yellow-footed Tortoise, Argentine Black & White Tegu, Milksnake
*Actual animals used in the program may vary slightly from those shown based upon availability.


What Animal Tales will need for the Reptile Scales & Tails program:
A Table is appreciated but not absolutely necessary. Animal Tales will bring all needed items for the program. We want to make it easy on you!


Download the Reptile Scales and Tails Coloring templates:


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