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Past Programs

2016-2017 School Assembly
2016 Summer Reading

Red Kangaroo in Nature’s Olympians
2015-2016 School Assembly
2015 Summer Reading

Screaming Hairy Armadillo in Animal Avengers
2014-2015 School Assembly
2014 Summer Reading

Capybara in Animal Science
2013-2014 School Assembly
2013 Summer Reading

Harris Hawk in Animal Underground
2012-2013 School Assembly
2012 Summer Reading

African Crested Porcupine in Nature’s Nightlife
2011-2012 School Assembly
2011 Summer Reading

Bird-Eating Tarantula in ZooFari Earth
Still Available by Request!

Boa Constrictor in Venom
  • animal-architects-02
    Animal Architects

    Architecture.  Design.  Excavating.  Construction.  All are performed on a regular basis in nature. Our 2017 Summer Reading and 2017-2018 School Assembly Program brings to your location Animal Architects! Animal Architects will feature a variety of exotic animals from across the globe that utilize very unique abilities to build and construct as part of survival in […]

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  • reptile-scale-tales
    Reptile Scales & Tails

    This program is available year-round. For centuries, reptiles have intrigued and horrified people often due to simple misunderstanding. We will attempt to reverse these misunderstandings by bringing live reptile ambassadors to your location. The Reptile Scales & Tails program is 45-50 minutes long and features 5-6 live animals including a large tortoise, lizards and of […]

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  • creepy-critters
    Creepy Critters

    Intended as a seasonal program centered around Fall Festivals and Halloween, Creepy Critters focuses on those less cuddly and icky creatures whose importance is often taken for granted. This program features arachnids, insects and snakes to illustrate that such undesirable critters serve an extremely important purpose to the environment. Participants will be allowed to get […]

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